How Stephanie got to La Manzanilla Mexico

Mine is a love story!

After many trips to Central and South America, and many here in Mexico, we, my husband Richard and myself, found ourselves bored to tears in Zihuatenejo, so we rented a car and headed North! We were told the trip along the coast to Manzanillo would take 5-6 hours! Ha, try 12 or more with a night in between! We kept going North of Manzanillo and took a small road, believe it was dirt, and found ourselves on a beautiful bay! We had arrived!

In those days, 1998, there was not much to choose from in lodgings, so we stayed in a newly constructed home with casitas right on the beach! Un paved roads, burros and bikes on the roads..and the nicest folks ever! But we had to return the car!

Several years later we returned, some changes but nothing dramatic..we stayed three nights in various accommodations! Still loved the folks….and when we over the shock and awe of 9/11…decided to sell it all and move here! Took us 1/12 years to make the transition and arrived in 2002 in a van with our dog and a few possessions!

Took us about six months to find the lots appropriate for our needs, we looked at LOTS of lots! And on the last day of our stay found what proved to be the One! We returned from visiting our families and built our home and developed our vast gardens! In 2003 our home complete….we moved in but only for a short stay as we had some stuff to do in the US! Others were building on hills here, but the bikes and burros remained, with horses and cows in the arroyo below our home!

Set up the bookstore in 2004 as a way to give back and also to have something viable for me to do, coming off long hours and the madness of owning my own business in the North!

Many changes since then, but the home is homier and the friends I have made in my hood and beyond are the same…..friendliest folks ever! I am grateful!


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