Rates for Advertising and Web page construction

Web page -

• Photos which includes my taking and processing (panorama style if you choose)

• 150 words of dialog (more or less).

• One year of advertising on La Manzanilla.info under vacation rentals (or the heading of your choice).

You can see a sample of this kind of web page here - Casa Tortuga Three

• Excellent positioning in the search engines bringing clients to your rental.

$250 pesos!

Web Site -

• I will buy your domain name for you for $150 pesos (good for one year).

• I will build the complete web site

• I host an unlimited number of pages and photos(that are constructed by me) on your website for $500 pesos per year. Your website is available to any one in the world who has your web site address or a link to it.

• One year advertising on www.lamanzanilla.info and www.lamanzanilla vacation rental.com $250 pesos!

General Information

If you are promoting your vacation rental or business and are considering the possibilities there are a couple of options to choose from.


Have each place that you advertise create a web page for you.

Advantages to option #1 -

1) If you list with a good web site you will get good traffic.

2) You get instant positioning in the search engines (what ever ranking the advertiser has) which brings instant traffic to your rental.

Disadvantages to option #1 -

1) You have to repeat the process of getting the photos and dialog to the advertiser so they can build your a web page each time you want to list your rental with a different advertiser. And you have to pay each of them to build a page for you which can get expensive very quickly.

2) If you want to advertise your rental in a printed advertisement or if you meet someone and you want to have them see your web page you have a long website address to give them.

3) When you send someone to your web page you also put them in proximity with all the other vacation rentals of La Manzanilla, so they may rent something else.


Get you your own web site.

This means you think of a name you want to call your rentals (commonly called a domain name) have some one build your web pages and then have as many photos and pages as you want on you own server (the place that holds your web pages and sends them to persons who type in your domain name).

Advantages to option #2

1) You have a short name like www.rentals.com to say to people when you want them to see your rental.

2) You have and a short name if you want to put your web site address (domain name) on a business card or in a printed advertisement.

3) Your domain name takes the potential client to your web site only, they will not see all the other rentals in La Manzanilla.

4) If you want to advertise with someone on the Internet all they have to do is to link to your web site, they don't have to build the page all over again. That saves you money and lets you advertise in more places.

For example lets say we have a rental web site with a domain name of www.casalamanzanilla.com and you want to advertise on the website Mexico Rentals.com all you have to do is to buy a small add with Mexico Rentals.com with a link to your web site. You then have all the information on your website advertised for less money than it would cost if they had to build the web page for you.

5) You get instant positioning in the search engines (what ever ranking the advertiser has that you link to) which brings instant traffic to your rental.

6) You have control over what is shown on each place you are advertised, if you want to change the price or the photos for your rentals you only have to do it on your website. You don't have to contact all the places you have advertised and ask them to change the price or whatever.

7) It saves you money as all the advertiser has to do is to link to a web site that is already built.

8) You can use your web site for more than just advertising your rentals. Just by adding a link (or a hidden link that only certain people know about) you can add as many different sections and topics as you choose. Remember the link does not have to be visible to the general public, it can be hidden where only those who know where to click can get to that section of the web site.

Disadvantages to option #2

The only disadvantage is the it cost a little more than option #1.

• Having your own website is the best way most to promote and advertise your rentals.

This information may seem confusing at first, if you have questions please email me and I will try to answer them for you.


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