The easiest way to upload an image

1) First you have to get the photo onto your computer, I usually save it on the desktop so its easy to find.

2) Click on Post A Message on the top of the message board.

3) At the bottom of the white box where you would write your message there is a link which says upload image, click on that.

4) Click Agree

5) A box will appear that says "Drag and drop or paste images here to upload You can also browse from your computer or add image URLs.

6) Drage the image to the box or click Browse, you are seeing your computer, navigate to where you saved the photo (this is why I save it on the desktop because it is easy to find).Select the photo and click open.

7) That will bring you back to the box (same as #5) click upload.

8) You will now be back at the white box where you post your message and there will be a line of text there, that is the link to your photo.

9) Go to the bottom and click preview, if you like how your photo looks then add any words (or another photo) but don't change the line of text inbetween the [IMG] marks.

10) Click post and your done.

11) Email the moderator and curse him for the above directions not working :)


To post a photo from Flickr, Picaso or some other place on the Internet you keep photos. Right click the photo and select "copy image location" and paste that URL in the "optional image URL" box (found by clicking the "image" link at the bottom of the place you post messages).

If you do not have a host (like Flickr) for your photos you may use This service.

posting image instructions

The message board has a help section here

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