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Humans of La Manzanilla - Leticia and Raymundo

Posted by David Dagoli on February 23, 2015, 11:27 am

Leticia and Raymundo own the Taqueria 'La Chona' on the jardin next to Cafe Risa.

We always enjoy the large perfect tortillas Leticia makes from fresh corn masa for the quesadillas they serve. It's fun to watch her form the little balls of masa and press them out with her antique-looking wooden tortilla press.

Raymundo's father came to La Manzanilla from D.F. first; and Raymundo followed, arriving a little over 30 years ago when he was 18. The family raised pigs and opened a butcher shop and store. We remember the days of a freshly slaughtered pig hanging from a hook, bleeding out on the street side in front of the store.

Raymundo married Leticia 18 years ago, and they have three children. Karla makes amazing pies and cakes which are still for sale in Juan's old store on the main street. Their other daughter Mariela, who just had her quinceañera last year, is now days away from giving birth to a baby boy. Their son also works at the Taqueria.

Drop by and say hola, and try our favorite, quesadilla con chorizo! By the way, 'La Chona' is Mariela's nickname, coming from a line in a popular song.


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